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8 Item(s)

Garden arches and trellises add beauty to any landscape garden design. They also perform a very practical function for gardeners; your garden space is increased, as you are able to grow upwards.

Arches Are Versatile

Spend your garden budget wisely! Choose versatile arches that can offer you different options.

Once you have installed the arches, they are ready to be planted each spring. The structure needs to be anchored firmly either by T Stakes or posts sunk about 35 cm deep.

Arches As a Feature

Create features in your garden that add beauty. Install an arch in a previously unexciting space in your garden.

Our garden arches will look good at an entrance into a walkway as a special feature. Flowering plants and climbers flourish when planted to wind their way up arches and trellises.

Arches Offer Options

Whether you are planting, looking for more seating or simply adding beauty to your outdoor space, we have the right arch feature for you.

Our arches have special trellis sides that are just perfect for your plants. They offer the ideal space to climb.

We even offer a seat option so that you can create your own arbour space within your garden.

Rose Gardens and Arches

The classic rose garden has to feature an arch to enhance this most beautiful of blooms.

Roses climbing over archways create a magnificent feature in any garden. It is easy to train roses to grow in tumbling bunches over garden arches. The beauty is incomparable. The arches we have on offer here at Woodford are all sold with the flat pack option. Browse our product range and choose the perfect arch for your garden.