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Enjoy Your Garden From The Comfort of Your Deck

Our quality decking adds value to your home and will look great. Your outdoor living area can be as imaginative as you please. Varying heights and levels can add impressive aspects to your design and you can ring the changes and plan a beautiful design that looks perfect in your garden.

Ten Top Reasons to Fit A Woodford Timber Deck

  1. It extends your living space.
  2. It provides a perfect entertainment area.
  3. It is charming and adds warmth to your property.
  4. It is strong and durable.
  5. Wood is best painted with a UV Inhibitor to extend life and durability.
  6. Wooden decking can be used to counteract an uneven garden landscape.
  7. Wood ages beautifully and a simple sanding down every few years or so will freshen up the look perfectly. This is easily done.
  8. Hardwoods are environmentally friendly and sourced from well-managed forests.
  9. Woodford Timbers offers you the option of designing your decking to feature as part of your landscape design.
  10. Decking adds value to your home.

How to Maintain Your Decking

Decking is very strong and longlasting. A simple sanding down of the frame every five years will freshen it’s appearance. We recommend painting the frame once or twice a year with a UV inhibitor to prevent fading.

Woodford Has Decking to Suit Your Budget

Quality decking can add character and warmth to any outdoor living area.  Be it an inviting front porch, or a patio area for relaxing and entertaining, decking is a cost effective solution for extending your home.

Decking Has Many Uses

Decking has many uses and can even be effectively used as siding.  A few other examples include walkways, balconies, verandas, planters and vegetable boxes, steps and stairs, surrounds for swimming pools and ponds.

All of our decking is planed from quality timber and is pressure treated to extend its life.  Each board is double sided - coarse rib on one side, fine rib on the other, so depending on your preference, by using either or both sides, you could create subtle but unique designs for your deck.

Decking Products And Accessories

We stock a variety of standard lengths of decking in two nominal profile sizes - 150 x 35mm or 125 x 32mm.  You will find we have all the necessary joist, supports, fixings and accessories to build any framework for your deck.

To add definition to your decked area or an element of safety, we also stock handrail, spindles, deck posts and panels.