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Why Fence Your Home? Six Top Reasons

  1. Child Security: Small children can play safely within the confines of your property behind a secure fence.
  2. Security: A fenced home is a safer home. A locked gate and a fence create a deterrent for opportunist burglars.
  3. Add Value: Fences add value to a property as well as looking good.
  4. Create Boundaries: Good fences make good neighbours, so the saying goes.
  5. Pet Safety: Dogs are less likely to wander if they are kept safely behind a fence.
  6. Trespassers: Unwanted callers are less likely to walk into a property that is fences and less accessible.

Keep Your Property Safe and Secure

Our great timber fences look good and provide a deterrent to any unwanted trespassers. Fences finish off a home, and keep pets and young children safe within their boundaries.

Our wooden fences, trellises and fencing panels are especially treated to withstand our challenging weather conditions and they are attractive as well as durable.

Call us today to get great advice and a quote on all your fencing needs.

Create the Look You Want With Products That Last

Why not call us today and ring the changes? Browse our wide selection of fence panels, finials, accessories and wood stains and install a fence that is both functional and attractive.

We Offer

Chunky Post and Rail Fencing

We have a great selection of posts and rails and offer fence accessories that will create that perfect finish.

Browse our vast selection of rails and posts.

Fence Boards and Rails

Woodford Timber of West Lothian will deliver your fence board and rails throughout Scotland at competitive rates.

Our products are specially treated to last and offer value for money.

See our vast range of Boards and Rails and contact us for advice if you would like to know what would be the best choice for you.

Fence Panel

See our great selection of fence panels. Our products are created from pressure treated timber of the highest quality. They are practical, functional and look great as well.

Woodford Timber Products of West Lothian can supply you with a selection of Fence Panels for collection in store or delivery across Scotland at competitive prices.

Fence Accessories

Finials create a perfect finish and give your fence that unique touch which makes it stand out from the rest

Browse our great range of fence accessories and see how you can make your fencing look custom made. A few extra touches make all the difference.

Don’t forget, our vast range of fence accessories and wood stains are available in store or we can deliver them right to your door once you have decided on the look you would like.