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Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

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9 Item(s)

Looking to buy contemporary garden furniture? You have come to the right place. Here at Woodford we have designed pieces that are both stylish and durable.

Our products are made from the highest quality timber and specially pressure treated to ensure maximum lifespan.

Extend Your Living Space

We stock a wide variety of garden accessories and you will find quality timber products to suit any garden, large or small. Our designers are aware that the garden is an extension of your home and creating contemporary garden furniture that reflects the style and tone of your indoor décor is our aim. Create extra living space and enjoy your garden throughout the year.

A play area for the children may be on your wish list this year. Durable, safe, play equipment will keep them happily entertained the whole year round.

Browse our Online Shop and choose garden furniture and accessories that will enhance your outdoor area.

Our range includes picnic tables, benches, garden swings, planters, bridges, sleepers, log rolls, garden chests and log stores.

Enjoy Your Garden

Gardening can be hard work but now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the results. Your garden comes to life in spring and summer and the days are longer. Create an outdoor seating area that the whole family will make the most of.

We have a unique wheelchair accessible table, which is practical and well designed. Establish an outdoor space that is comfortable and functional and enjoy your garden in all seasons. Landscaped shrubberies and arbours create a sheltered spot that is enhanced by outdoor furniture. Choose some practical and durable pieces from our vast array of contemporary garden furniture.

Create an Entertainment Area

The smallest garden space can become the most perfect entertainment area with the right choice of garden furniture.

Make the most of those long summer evenings and eat alfresco.

Seasoned timber products that withstand the harshest weather conditions will create an entertainment area that reflects the best of contemporary lifestyle.

Lengthen The Barbecue Season

Your garden need not only offer you an outdoor haven during summer. Outdoor heating options have lengthened the seasons and extended the barbecue and alfresco eating months that much more.

Patio furniture that is well designed and durable makes your patio an inviting and comfortable living space.

Create a seamless flow between garden and home with our carefully crafted pieces. We pressure treat all our timber to preserve it and ensure it has maximum durability.