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NEW for 2024, the Woodford Super Post has been developed as a replacement for creosote treated timber. Available as both square sawn and round agricultural, Super Post timber posts are manufactured from carefully selected imported pine and treated with Tanasote® copper-oil wood preservative.

4 Meets criteria for S 148 and IS 436.

4 Designed for industrial timber applications, the unique formulation of Tanasote® incorporates an innovative organic co-biocide protecting against a wide spectrum of aggressive decay fungi.

4 The unique copper-oil allows the timber to ‘self-heal’ when checks appear in service.

4 It incorporates a long-lasting water repellent to minimise splitting and checking.

4 Tanasote® treated timber is low odour and easy to handle.

4 With exposure to UV light, Tanasote® treated timber transitions from a bright emerald green to a warm honey brown colour highlighting the natural variation in the wood. With age it will darken and look very similar to creosote treated timber. Eventually the treated timber will weather to a natural grey colour.

Equestrian Fencing Trials

The stringent BPR risk assessment for animal health concludes that the risk to livestock from contact with Tanasote® treated wood is acceptable. For animal health, the BPR risk assessment was based on livestock exposure and considers residues that animals can
take up by chewing, rubbing against, or licking the treated timber. The animal risk assessment also considers inhalation of volatile substances, such as through horse cribbing, although this is not relevant to Tanasote® since the active substances have been shown to be non-volatile.

The stringent BPR risk assessment for animal health concludes that the risk to livestock from contact with Tanasote® treated wood is acceptable. This leaves the question of will horses’ crib on timber treated with this copper oil wood preservative?

Between 2019 and 2021, Tanasote® treated posts and rails were installed in five UK locations, as fencing for equestrian use, to determine whether horses would crib on the treated timber. In one instance, hay bales were hung on the posts to encourage the horses to approach.

To date there is no observable evidence of cribbing on any of the Tanasote® treated fence rails, and none of the site owners reported seeing their horses cribbing on the treated timber.


Agricultural Fencing Trial

Tim Bennett Farm Fencing contractors have over 35 years’ experience of using creosote and traditional preservative treated fencing timbers. As a forward-thinking company they wanted trial Tanasote® treated timber fencing to test that it was a suitable alternative to creosoted posts.

As part of the trial, 150 metres of Tanasote® treated fence posts were installed in 2018 to complete a project at Priors Byne Farm in Partridge Green, West Sussex. In 2022 Tim Bennett, Managing Director, attended the Association of Fencing Industries Timber Conference and spoke about Tanasote® to attendees: “In my experience 4 years is enough time to detect a failing post. I can see no sign of failure on any Tanasote post I have installed. There is no sign of plant and vegetation ‘burn’ around the base of the posts. Tanasote has a distinctive smell but it is not as invasive as creosote. It is not a smell you take home with you at the end of a working day, or one you revisit each time you open your toolbox. Out in the field you would not notice a smell.”

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Super Post Size

1.2m x 75mm Imported Pine KD, 1.5m x 75mm Imported Pine KD, 1.8m x 75mm Imported Pine KD, 2.4m x 85mm Imported Pine KD, 1.65m x 100mm Split Imported Pine, 1.5m x 100mm Imported Pine KD, 1.8m x 100mm Imported Pine KD, 2.4m x 100mm Imported Pine KD, 3.66m x 100mm Imported, 2.1m x 125mm Imported Pine KD

Super Strainer Size

2.1m x 150mm Imported Pine KD, 2.4m x 125mm Imported Pine KD, 2.4m x 150mm Imported Pine KD, 2.4m x 180mm Imported Pine KD, 2.4m x 225mm Imported Pine KD, 3.0m x 180 – 225mm Imported Pine KD

Post Size

1.95m 150 x 75mm Pointed, 2.4m 150 x 75mm Pointed

Gate Post Size

2.4m 175 x 175mm

Rail Size

4.8m 100x 47mm, 4.8m 225 x 47mm