Super and Proper Post


Introducing Woodford’s Comprehensive Fencing Solutions: Strength, Sustainability, and Choice

Woodford takes pride in offering fencing solution to meet your specific needs. Whether you prioritize long-lasting performance or a sustainable and animal-friendly option, we have the perfect post for your project.

Proper Post

For our 15-year warranty fencing range, we only supply genuine Tanalised® Timber through treating imported, kiln-dried pine with Tanalith® E wood preservative, available in both green and brown.

  • A unique combination of copper and organic biocides, Tanalith® E is a water-based, high-pressure wood preservative. When impregnated into the quality pine through a high-pressure process Tanalith® E components bond with the wood structure and cannot easily be removed, helping to significantly extend its service life.
  • The long-term protection against wood decay and insect attack is achieved by the composition of Tanalith® E wood preservative and the unique formulation application technology – BARamine®. We support Tanalised® Timber with a 15 year warranty*.
  • Tanalith® E treated timbers have an initial pale green colour as standard and upon external exposure, will slowly weather to a warm, honey brown and, in the longer- term to a natural silver grey colour.
  • To add colour to the treated timbers, we offer Tanatone® colour additive, which provides an inbuilt brown colour.
  • Woodford carry out a fully controlled treatment process at its modern plant facilities achieving standards to Class UC4/IS436 specifications.
  • Grant approved
  • It meets the Treatment Specification to NSAI standards for TAMS.
  • Available in both green and brown.

Super Post (NEW)

NEW for 2024, the Woodford Super Post has been developed as a replacement for creosote treated timber. Available as both square sawn and round agricultural, Super Post timber posts are manufactured from carefully selected imported pine and treated with Tanasote® copper-oil wood preservative.

  • Designed for industrial timber applications, the unique formulation of Tanasote® incorporates an innovative organic co-biocide protecting against a wide spectrum of aggressive decay fungi.
  • The unique copper-oil allows the timber to ‘self-heal’ when checks appear in service.
  • It incorporates a long-lasting water repellent to minimise splitting and checking.
  • Tanasote® treated timber is low odour and easy to handle.
  • With exposure to UV light, Tanasote® treated timber transitions from a bright emerald green to a warm honey brown colour, highlighting the natural variation in the wood. With age it will darken and look very similar to creosote treated timber. Eventually the treated timber will weather to a natural grey colour.
  • Meets criteria for S 148 and IS 436.
  • Grant approved
  • It meets the Treatment Specification to NSAI standards for TAMS.

Explore the full range of Woodford fencing options today! Whether you require the trusted performance or innovative sustainability, Woodford has the perfect solution for your fencing needs.

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